Specialization :
        The Master of Business Administration programme has enormous fields of specialisation. Some of them are listed below:
Finance :
        MBA Finance will teach a student accounting, economics, banking, market structure etc. which are all essential to any enterprise. MBA Finance gains the job opportunities, helps in changing careers or better characterises one for a chance at career advancement or assists one to start one's own business. Candidates with profound knowledge in finance can also look for the job opportunities available as strategic or market planning executives
Marketing :
        Candidates with an MBA degree in marketing are sure to enjoy excellent career growth in this highly competitive world. Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager are some of the job profiles available for MBA marketing professionals. One can also come across other specialised corporate positions like advertising manager, marketing communications manager, sales manager and PR director. MBA Marketing programs are also ideal for those who wish to make a career as a brand manager.
Human Resource :
        MBA professionals in human resources often get jobs in a variety of corporate positions related to human resource management. As Human Resource is the most important part of any organisation HR professionals have a wide variety of responsibilities, including hiring new employees, dealing with labour disputes, training employees, compensation policies, benefit programs, union and labour relations. Another role of HR is designing and implementing performance management systems so that it can perform employee career planning, counseling and appraisal.
Systems :
        MBA in Systems focuses on areas like e-business, IT security, IT strategy etc. The basic aim is to develop into managers of tomorrow who can harness the latest advancements in technology to cater to the ever growing business needs of corporate across the globe. A systems specialization is primarily concerned with the integration of business processes with technology. The candidates sharpen their technical and managerial skills by building up their information on fields of business management, information technology, finance, economics and quantitative methods.