Introduction (Institute Code MB6150)
        After liberalisation, privatisation & globalisation of Indian Economy there are huge gaps between the demand and supply of management professional. India is facing acute scarcity of hard-core management professional. The industry is looking for young managers who have ability to solve the problems and able to run the organization smoothly in existing competitive environment. In the competitive and technological environment there are important role of all-most all functional areas of business such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology and International Business. The Master of Business Administration programme is designed to give holistic knowledge about the various facets of management and professional aspects so that the participants have a better understanding of the long term vision of organisations, are able to analyse and assess the business environment better, formulate strategy and implement plans for achieving organisational goals. At SPIOM, we develop the conceptual and analytical skills of our students, streamline their talents and prepare them to enter the corporate world as confident, knowledgeable and valuable professionals.
        To promote management education to meet the challenges and the ever increasing demand of the industry and service sector. Vision
• Facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organisation through Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Managers equipped with sate of the art management knowledge.
• Generating, acquiring, assimilating and exchanging management know how in, and from, the global community.
• Implementing innovative, globally benchmarked products and processes for education, training, consulting, research and management development.